The Simple 4 step process of the Scooba from iRobot.
Mops are so 2004
The future is now. Since 2002, iRobot, makers of the Roomba line of vacuums have been pitching us on the idea of robotically cleaning our carpets. They are now releasing third generation Roombas that can be scheduled to perform their vacuum tasks. But up until now, the dirtiest room in the house, the kitchenÁ-?s floor, was left to the mop.

Welcome in the era of the Scooba, a robot that is more than a mop. A machine that takes a special Clorox cleaning solution, safe for even hardwood floors, and scrubs your floor clean. Sound good? TechLife, thought so too, so we got one for the Á-°lab.Á-?

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