Time for Robin to get his own Sidekick.   A Superhero with his Sidekick.

Wielding Massive Power 

Batman has Robin. The Lone Ranger has Tonto.  Who’s your sidekick? I know, I can already hear the arguments, ‘Superman doesn’t have a sidekick and he’s the most powerful Superhero of all.’  My retort, ‘Are you sure?’  When Lex Luthor or The Joker plan diabolical schemes to thwart our Super Friends, one of the first places all of these super smart defenders of justice turn is their computer.

How many times has Batman exclaimed, “Robin, to the Bat Computer!”?  While recent feature films have updated this notion, almost all Superheroes have very powerful technology research tools.  These marvels are often small, concealable and now within our reach.  Meet your Sidekick.

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A Superhero with his Sidekick.

Mobile Bliss

In today’s hectic world, a superhero like you probably has a mobile phone and a personal digital assistant or a paper calendar that you carry with you.  Your system works, why “mess with it?”  T-mobile thinks your life would be better with an all-in-one solution, The Sidekick, actually The Sidekick II.  

Sidekick II flipped open to reveal keyboard.  Sidekick II closed, it's not much bigger than a deck of cards.  The Sidekick II fits comfortably in your hand and makes it really easy to use.

You may have seen this device in the hands of actors, sports stars, coaches and musicians; these busy people manage their digital lives such as; Email, Web, Phone, Calendar, Address Book and the ultimate tool, always on Mobile AOL Instant Messenger all from one small device a bit larger than a deck of cards. 

“Many actors love to ‘IM’ while on the set since they have to be quiet,” according to T-mobile executives.  As proof of the ease of using IM on the Sidekick, a 2005 research report stated that of 16 billion mobile messages sent in the fourth quarter of 2004, 6% of the total was done on a Sidekick.  What’s more remarkable is that at that time, the Sidekick made up less than 1% of the total user base.  Talk about keeping a super mom in touch!

AOL Instant Messenger on the Sidekick.
But wait there’s more! 

TechLife has been using the device in our labs and the keyboard is really easy to type on.  The unique flip screen design even makes you feel like you are carrying James Bond’s latest toy.  With an easy to use interface, the device has a very small learning curve, which makes anyone feel like a super hero.

The best thing about being a super hero is being able to rely on your gadgets and strengths.  They rarely fail the super hero in that time of need.  Our Sidekick has been no different. 

The Sidekick automatically (though I would like to use automagically) syncs and backs up all your data instantly and wirelessly. An amazing feature in any device, this sets the Sidekick apart.  It takes into account Super Actors and Super Barista’s have one thing in common, all of us are human.  That means we forget to charge the battery, sync our information (drop the device in desktop cradle to keep a copy on your PC), or heaven forbid, drop our toys and break them.  Don’t worry the Sidekick has you covered.  You can literally break your device and your information is safe.
    Web  Email  Camera

Ever heard of Blackberry? 

I can already see legions of corporate America preparing to don their battle armor, and that little company in Redmond preparing to storm the castle too.  Wait!  You are right this is not a Blackberry or a Windows Mobile Device, or even the ever-popular Palm Treo.

At a retail price of $349.99, it comes with $100 off in rebates lowering the actual price to $249.99.  The all you can use data plan (unlimited email, IM, web, and text messaging) from T-mobile is only $29.99/month without phone service and only $19.99/month with a minutes plan.  T-mobile even offers a pay as you go plan, which is extremely friendly to the budget.  Each Sidekick contains a Catalog Icon, allowing access to programs, games and of course ringtones.  Some of the coolest games allow you to play live against other Sidekick owners.

The Sidekick is a device for the masses it helps you organize and customize your digital lifestyle in a small integrated package.  The interface is clean and simple to use, and it lets you easily communicate with phone, IM, SMS, email, surf the web, keep your calendar, address book, to do lists and notes and more.  Perfect for families, small business, or the up and coming superstar. Take that Bat Computer!

 Time for Robin to get his own Sidekick.


Images courtesy of: Amazon.com, DVDDork.com and Fox.


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