Me?  Have a blog?  Why?

Do you make the best LEGO creations ever?  Are you the gardening expert people ask about deadly nightshade?  Maybe you breed and are uber-knowledgeable about champion poodles?  Whatever your passion is, there are undoubtedly others in the world that share your passion and see you as an expert.  Today TechLife is going to take your passion and turn it into stardom.  (we have a few blog headers sprinkled throughout)

Blog your Passion. 

Before reading further, you must answer one question: Do you have a passion? Examples include golf, scuba diving, solving complex math problems, even using dryer lint in interesting ways. Did you answer yes?  Great keep reading.  Did you answer no?  Perfect we will randomly assign you a passion to choose from, and yes the following all count as passions:  watching television, reading the newspaper, eating, going to work, playing video games.  Pick one.

Great now everyone reading this column has at least one passion, let’s publish.