Me?  Have a blog?  Why?

Do you make the best LEGO creations ever?  Are you the gardening expert people ask about deadly nightshade?  Maybe you breed and are uber-knowledgeable about champion poodles?  Whatever your passion is, there are undoubtedly others in the world that share your passion and see you as an expert.  Today TechLife is going to take your passion and turn it into stardom.  (we have a few blog headers sprinkled throughout)

Blog your Passion. 

Before reading further, you must answer one question: Do you have a passion? Examples include golf, scuba diving, solving complex math problems, even using dryer lint in interesting ways. Did you answer yes?  Great keep reading.  Did you answer no?  Perfect we will randomly assign you a passion to choose from, and yes the following all count as passions:  watching television, reading the newspaper, eating, going to work, playing video games.  Pick one.

Great now everyone reading this column has at least one passion, let’s publish.

 Yes, video games are a passion.

Publish = Blog 

Back in December 2005 I wrote a piece on blogging (websites that are easily updated semi-regularly by an author or group of authors) covering a wide variety of topics.  Since that time many very knowledgeable people have asked how hard it is to blog.  My answer, if you can email you can blog.  It really is that easy.

A recent client, a scuba diver who dives in the Caribbean Reef in Chicago’s John G. Shedd Aquarium decided to start a blog on snorkeling and scuba diving. We sat down and followed a simple plan, less than 2 weeks later the site was up, articles being published, and money was rolling in quickly.  Passions Pay.

Plan to Publish 

A simple but well-thought out plan will aid in the success of any passion publishing.  We started with the subject matter and the expertise.  A scuba diver who dives in a unique location would be interesting to other divers.  We talked about the things diver’s care about such as traveling, equipment and gadgets, safety, eco-protection, animals and plants and other topics.  These became our categories.  Next we focused on a name.

Naming is an art and you want something memorable.  So we brainstormed about 200 names and arrived at Scubaology, which had a lot of the elements in a name we liked.  Most of all it was catchy and had an air of expertise.
Armed with a great name and a cadre of exciting categories the writing began.  After doing some research our expert was convinced that publishing at least 1-2 stories at day was going to be easy.  There was just that much material to cover.  Once the frequency was determined the publishing started.

Overheard, simple but entertaining. 

Get Paid

Ah, now the part most of you have been curious about; turning passion into payment.  First off, this is not get rich quickly, more like trickle cash slowly.  The idea is that if you can get even a tiny audience, or what is known as a micro-audience, advertisers are interested.  Scubaology, has been evaluating various options for revenue with decent success.   When this article is released the first payment will have already been made.  Other unique aspects of being a passionate blogger are exposure to new things in your passion’s your sphere of influence, including products for review, trips, and access to other experts.  It’s not all glitter and fame but it starts with a simple passion and becomes what you make it. 
Do you have a passion? Want a blog? Want some help getting started with your Passion Publishing? We can help. Hit me via email at: techlife [at] dkworldwide [dot] com.