The Show with Ze

Reader Response

TechLife has news!÷š Good News?÷š Bad News?÷š I know you are dying to know.÷š You might think you even guessed it from the title of this column. Keep reading and let×?Ts see if you are right.

Remember the last column?÷š ×??Passion Publising, Get Paid.×??÷š My challenge stirred something deep in the heart of TechLife readers.÷š The result is we have been busy this past month helping quite a few readers get their blogs setup.÷š The schedule is filling up for next month too.÷š It has been really exciting. Contact us if you want to get publishing.÷š This is not the last time this topic will come up.÷š

Jack×?Ts got your back.÷š

Flap Jack

Last minute shopping will give you headache.÷š No need to beat yourself up, let my friend Jack do it.÷š Jack?÷š Yes, Bargain Jack.÷š Bargain Jack is a real person, who scours hundreds of web deals and evaluates which are the best.÷š A 42×?? Plasma TV was recently featured for the insane price of $999 AND FREE shipping from Amazon.÷š Jack is constantly improving the site and listening to the readers.÷š A recent addition was the photo of every item, a nice touch.÷š And how does Jack know his limit of great deals?÷š Easy.÷š He plays Blackjack where the goal is 21.÷š 21 deals a day, even on the weekends.

÷šLasting Impression

The Show with Ze FrankMeet Ze Frank, Internet Superstar of ×??The Show with Ze Frank×??; don×?Tt let the title throw you.÷š How do you pronounce ×??Ze×???÷š Sure, sure my first thought was ×??zee×?? too.÷š Turns out the owner of this moniker could care less what you think.÷š Get to know his unique brand of humor, such as; fans are ×??Sportsracers×??, politicians can be ×??Hardchargers×??, we all have that inner ×??Power Move×?? waiting to be unleashed and of course his fascination with ducks. This character is everything you would not see on television.÷š Also interesting this show is set to last a single year.

I Can×?Tt Wait

For those faithful readers, dying to know, this is the paragraph you need to care about, because it precedes the paragraph with the really big news.÷š Because TechLife readers are pretty smart, you probably have your guess.÷š Last column?÷š Last month of the year?÷š One more sentence and×?

We×?Tre here! If you guessed this is the last column of the last÷š month you×?Tre right!÷š Lame!÷š I agree.÷š This column signifies the last time I write TechLife the old fashioned way.÷š And I challenge you readers to make it the last time you read it this way. What does that mean?÷š I×?Tm glad you asked.

Last but not Least

TechLife is no longer going to be written in a desktop word processor.÷š Does this mean much to you?÷š No.÷š Not really.÷š A few months ago I reviewed online word processing, which I have been using for almost all my other needs.÷š Starting in January 2007 we are moving solely online.÷š It is a major change internally.÷š

For the readers we are also making a major change, TechLife the website÷šis going to start publishing more frequently.÷š Usually short, bursts instead of long columns.÷š Think the ×??Flapjack×?? and ×??Lasting Impression×?? sections above.÷š This means get more of what you love, more often.÷š And it will change the syndicated column a little bit too.÷š January×?Ts column will be a collection of the best bursts.÷š

Lastly, our readers have been more and more active with their emails and comments. Look for that to increase.÷š With the new more frequent publishing format.÷š So does TechLife have news?÷š We think so.÷š It×?Ts time for resolutions, new beginnings and an exciting 2007.

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