True Combat Elite - realistic street scene

Getting your computer ready for a software install can often make the process a lot less painless.  And I am all about making things a bit easier.

I visited the Windows Installation Guide for True Combat: Elite.  As I mentioned I am not a real gamer, but I know enough that if your machine isn’t powerful, you can’t run the games.  So looked over the “Preparation” section carefully.

It reminded me that I hadn’t updated any drivers in a long time, especially my video drivers.  (Drivers are software written by the hardware manufacturer to allow the hardware to interact with the operating system.)  It is important to keep things updated, because software such as games or video editing often uses hefty processing power and the driver makes it run a bit more smoothly. 

To find if your drivers are up to date, you need to first find out what video card you have.  On my PC, I right clicked on “My Computer” and then clicked on the “Hardware” tab, and then clicked on Device Manager.  The Device Manager shows a long list of categories of hardware associated with your machine such as disk drives, DVD drives, Mice, Monitors.  I was looking for Display Adapters, I have a Radeon 7500 Series video card.  (Please no gamer hate mail on that.) 

I typed in that exact phrase, “radeon 7500 series drivers” in my search engine and the first link took me to the AMD website.   In the upper right was a link, Drivers & Software menu item which led to a small decision tree and eventually to my driver software.  I downloaded it and installed it, and then had to reboot. I wonder what will happen after I return from rebooting?

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