Reading by Christine RondeauWell, the editor has the final column.  Thanks to everyone for making the first completely online blog written column a success.  Now a few interesting things….

  • a few words differ, just cause it made almost zero sense to a reader holding a paper copy
  • the photos are the same, but I did grab the image from the Ski Battle post, even though only the Line Rider post made the article
  • the photos are all re-captured due to print requiring a higher resolution image
  • Funny story – I used to capture the high res images first and then create a blog friendly image from the original.  It was much faster and easier to do it in reverse.  This was an unexpected benefit.

So now I approach an odd situation…There are still 10 days left in Decemeber and even more until the column hits the newstand in January.  I think for February’s column I will pull posts from this one until my next deadline.  That way it is a full month.  Make sense?

Any questions or comments, please let me know how to make this better.