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Do you need to let off a little steam? Maybe kick someone’s “armageddon”? Today, TechLife brings you the five minute diversion known as Stick Arena.


Can you really play a multi-CD game at work? I don’t think so.

Stick Arena is a flash-based game requiring an internet connected machine and the ability to use your keyboard and mouse in concert. The arrow keys move your “Stick Figure” while the mouse is your action button to swing a baseball bat or fire a shotgun. Rated “T” for teens due to mild violence.

The really unique thing is Stick Arena is networked. Meaning you will be playing live against three other real-people. You can jump in with a quick game or you can create a character name. Doing the latter allows for private games and personal statistics. And the best thing is, the game is FREE, with just a 30 second ad break between rounds.


Enjoy the added cartoon bubbles.

With more than 500K views on new media site New Grounds including 500 reviews with and average overal rating of 8.56 out of 10, the game developers have been motivated to work on their sequel, Stick Arena Ballistick. Plus having 1.6 million registered users with more than 40 million rounds played didn’t hurt either.

Time to Learn: Five Minutes Cost: FREE


Go Ballistick! A preview of the new sequel.

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