books, books by Sanja GjeneroBack in November, Techlife shared Daily Lit with our inner circle, when I posted some beta testing comments for them.  I continued using DailyLit.  (More on that below the jump…)

First what is DailyLit? Their tagline sums it up best: “Too busy for books? Read them by e-mail.”  What books you might ask?  A lot.  My last count was more than 250 titles.  But here’s the smart thing, who wants “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy as a giant email attachment.  It would be crazy!  So Daily Lit breaks it down into manageable parts.  Granted this literary work is broken down into 675 parts one of the largest but other books are quite a bit less.

The break down is your call.  “Daily” is most common but you can accelerate that if you really like a book with a simple click.

Now back to our hero; I  had been humming along reading my book-part, a day at a time, even pausing delivery for a bit when work was really busy.  Then today, our friends at Rocketboom covered DailyLit likely after their mention on Diggnation and on Digg. And to make matters more interesting…I got the following email.

Hey… I know this was a while ago, I am cleaning my inbox.  Funny enough, I forgot you sent this and I started reading the Alchemist, but it is a play and I was annoyed very early, before I even got into it, so I suspended it on dailylit and moved on.  I will come back to is when I have done the one I am on.  How was it now that you are probably done?  Since you have told me about daily lit I have read the following books:

A Tale of Two Cities  (Long and interesting, I liked it.)
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Short and just OK…  Lots of symbolism)
Great Expectations  (Really, Really Long and very boring in the middle,beginning OK, end better)
Common Sense  (Short but semi-interesting, historical)
The Gift of the Magi  (Really Short but a good holiday story)
The Art of Money Getting  (short and stupid)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (medium and very interesting)
Ethan Frome  (medium and ok, kinda depressing)
Art and Craft of the Machine (Short and just absolutely terrible)
The Lost World (medium and really enjoyable, except for the end, I wanted to hear more!)
Tao Te Ching (medium, I’ve read much of it before, not that great, but an important text)
Treasure Island (medium and great, but again I didn’t want the story to end)

I love this site.  I am going to try to finish all of the books by the year’s end.  Next up is Notes from the Underground.  Haven’t started it yet – Don’t know what it’s about.  Don’t know why I chose it.

That’s 12 books!  All by email!  Wow.  I was so impressed with everyone I decided I just had to mention Daily Lit in the column.  I am glad people are reading.

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