Guess the Google GameSometimes the simplest game is the best. Our friend SapiensBryan from Latest Hi Tech News, who you may remember from the Flat Panel LCD TV in 1 step, posted a link to a highly addictive game by Grant Robinson called Guess the Google.

The instructions are easy. You will be shown a montage of images that would show up if you typed in a query into Google Images. You can guess as many times as you want in 20 seconds. Guess the word get points and a bonus based on speed. There are 10 rounds. So simple, yet highly addictive.

*SPOILER ALERT* Here’s my hints

  1. Glance at the images as a whole you might get the right answer fast.
  2. No luck with the glance method? Look closely at a few you might see the word in the images.
  3. Still no luck, play again, I got a few words repeated in successive games and was able to get those fast.

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