Stick Arena 3Skye Boye of XGen Studios makers of Stick ArenaToday TechLife‘s friend Skye Boyes stopped by with some thoughts. Skye is the principal of XGen Studios, makers of Stick Arena, the popular Flash game we previously covered.

Skye was happy to see all the discussion from fans of Stick Arena. He wanted to clear up a few things about the game. I liked what he had to say so I am publishing it here as well for all to read.

I also wanted to mention publicly that the original post even had one person so enraged that they commented with death threats. Needless to say I chose to not post those.

Now on with Skye’s Thoughts:

Thanks for the all the comments; I will try to address some of the questions here.

Private Games:
Prior to release of the expansion, we encourage users to create their own Private games and invite challengers via Private Message. This method ensures you won’t play with uninvited players.

We are aware that a number of exploits have been discovered in the current release of Stick Arena. We’ve examined, and continue to examine, the hackpacks and other tools used to cheat, as well as review and take down hacking sites, collecting information on common exploits. This have proven helpful in redesigning some aspects of the game to improve security. We expect that ‘Stick Arena: Go Ballistick’ will address many of the concerns stated, and satisfying seeking a fairer play experience.

User Reports:
When a user report is submitted (Shift Click the Brown “!” Page), this information is stored in our database. We periodically review these user reports, taking action where appropriate to prevent offending users from further accessing Stick Arena.

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