FeedCrier in Action with a CNN and Reuters feed

Readers of Techlife know I use a Sidekick 3 for my mobile email, phone and web. But I also use it for the great AOL Instant Messaging or AIM service it provides. Instant messaging is quick back and forth text snippets, like an SMS message. While chatting with a live friend or colleague is useful, there is another type of chat, chatting with a “Bot”. An AIM bot typically provides various types of information as requested by the user, such as a phone number of a local business or the weather in a specific area.

I have been beta testing FeedCrier, an RSS reader built into an AIM bot. It also works on MSN, Jabber and Google Talk. Wow! That’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo, so let’s simplify it. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and that refers to the code that allows easy and free subscription to blogs, web pages, and other data on the internet. FeedCrier by developer Adam Kalsey takes something simple in Instant Messaging and combines it with a popular format in RSS and the result is elegant yet easy.

You simply add “feedcrier” to your buddy list, and begin subscribing to feeds. Adam offers a Free version with basic features, and a robust Pro version but priced for budget friendly $4/month. Adam’s popular service has had him working very hard to increase capacity and improve uptime, while balancing new features all the time.
Overall thought: FeedCrier is perfect for keeping track of sites like Techlife which publish on a semi-regular basis. It lets you track and read the information while it’s still fresh and gooey from the oven.

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