Sometimes you need to plan a last-minute trip fast, as Techlife wrote about in “How to Win The Amazing Race.” But more often than not leisure travel allows you to research your destination. Today’s traveler will use quite a wide range of resources, we recently covered one such in video travel research. But the bottom line is as TechCrunch details, airline costs still are a huge bulk of the cost.

Farecast Simple Arrow System

Farecast, uses the simple tagline, “Know when to buy” and the longer “Top Airline Ticket Deals Based on Science, Not Marketing” to explain how their site makes timing your purchase as important as which airline. Their useful arrow system is what I like best. It gives a clear indication of what you should do, with a few varying shades of assuredness.

Farecast’s newest feature is all about finding a good deal “now”. Departing from New York for the weekend? For the week? Last minute? Farecast’s single summary of the Airline Ticket Deals will help you in 20 states and even more markets within each state.

Overall thought: Farecast is not the only game in town, but combining with several other services should make you feel comfortable that you got a great deal. What Farecast does is make it easy to use and that is something we all need in the travel game.

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