Poologic.com's picks for the 2007 tournament.

Trust me you will thank Techlife later that you didn’t know about this site until after the tournament started. Poologic is a web site run by Tom Adams with the mission of:

This site is dedicated to helping you win your college basketball tournament office pool.

The NCAA March Madness Tournament always brings about stories about infallible systems for winning your office pool but this one takes the cake. Since you have all sorts of stories such as the one I heard on the radio about a little girl who picket Florida last year since she was going to Disneyworld later that spring, it is only fitting you have all sorts of websites providing advice on winning.

After finding the story titled, Web Site Uses Math to Pick NCAA Winners from the Associated Press on, I thought wow this is it…until you read the whole thing…

while Adams is sure others have won pools using his program, he has yet to cut down any nets. Adams won a pool using a similar strategy in 1999, but has finished in the money just once using poologic.

“I’m a bit behind,” he admits.

Remember that some people don’t believe the hype (see #15 here).

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