Cali live and on the monitor.
Techlife is a big fan of Geekbrief.TV. We have been watching since nearly the beginning and have really enjoyed seeing on-screen personality Cali Lewis blossom.

Well today we were contacted by Atsushi Kikuchi, a Japanese reader of Techlife and a fan of GeekBrief.TV. Atsushi writes a blog about Democracy Player in Japanese. (Democracy is a platform for watching Internet TV.) He kindly asked for permission to translate our first article on GeekBrief.TV to Japanese for his site. Go for it Atsushi, translate us! Comment here when you’re done.

Our first article is still heavily visited. We sat down with both producer/director Neal Campbell and on-screen bundle-of-laughs Cali Lewis to talk about their show on technology. Gee, any wonder Techlife liked it from the start? Check out that show. Already watch GeekBrief.TV? What’s your favorite episode?

Note 1: GB#150 is about Grand Theft Auto IV. I think the progression of GTA games has gotten better and better as Cali notes. I would love to see Rockstar’s engine be used for some other type of game too.

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