The map of Techlife's trip from Chicago to Memphis to St. Louis.Thinking of visiting all the baseball parks on the North East Coast? It’s a trip that many baseball fans would love to make. But where to start? Beginning today you can start at your friendly, neighborhood Google. Google, the current mapping king, is releasing an add-on to their popular maps tool, Google’s MyMaps.

The  itinerary of Techlife's trip to see Elvis, caves and Busch StadiumI whipped up a driving trip you could make this summer from Chicago to Memphis to Stanton, MO to St. Louis. Check it out. If you want to see Elvis, Graceland, caves, Budweiser, the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium it’s all planned and thanks to Google’s MyMaps feature ready for you now. It was easy to use and took about 15 minutes from start to finish to get it all working.

Techlife had previously mentioned how cool Flash Earth was, I would love to see Paul Neave tackle MyFlashEarth next. Can he do it?

List your Google MyMaps in the comments, here and we will see who has some cool ideas.

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