“Barcodes for houses?” Everyone’s been shopping a big box, where the cashiers are miles from you in the front of the store, the employees are all on their 2 hour lunch break at the same time no where to be found and you need to know how much this Transformers: The Movie: The Board Game is for your nephew. So what did the big boxes install, mobile scanners. Basically you walk up scan the barcode of your item and it reads or announces the price.

Optimus Prime Toy from Transformers The Movie

Well Housefront just made price-checking a home easy. Even better is they allow you to do it when you need to: checking house prices with your mobile is the perfect application. (USA only for now). I mean how often are you out and see a for sale sign but don’t have your computer with you? Using it was simple.

As Lifehacker notes:

…just text the street address to HOUSE (46873). In a minute you’ll get back a text message listing the year the house was built, the square footage, the number of baths/bedrooms, and the estimated price.

Lifehacker and Techlife also agree that it is much easier than Zillow’s mobile app for the same purpose. I will take it one step farther. Housefront provided way more information in the SMS reply. Now the real question is accuracy, input a home you know and let us know how accurate they are?

Update 1: Housefront blogged about another cool feature today. Automated search history.  Basically by using their service via texting your mobile number creates an account of all the homes you viewed while you were out house shopping.  When you get back to your PC all the data from your searches are saved for your research/browsing.