Chick Chick Boom Title Screen - Easy to play, and learn.

Techlife was lucky enough to land a Wii, (not that you would know since we have been so busy playing we haven’t reported on it yet. Shame on us.) But thanks to the Wii we have been reading the blog, Nintendo Wii Fanboy for our latest news. And boy do they pump out a lot.

Recently they covered a really cool game that is super addictive NOT FOR the Wii, but for your browser. I will repeat that this small game is super addictive, that’s your warning. Meet Chick Chick Boom, a game where you control air, ground and chemical warefare attacks on baby chicks. Sound too gruesome? Well it isn’t.

Chick Chick Boom Gameplay screen - Notice the elephants, how funny is that?

You likely have already seen the graphics with this article to see that the chicks are cute little circles. This game all about cute. From falling elephants to giving the chicks hard hats. The fast paced, easy to learn gameplay and light and airy soundtrack make it really addictive. Basically you just trace shapes in your defense or offense area and that determines what your attack or defense will be on the opposing chicks.

I quickly cruised through the first 10 levels and then in my first pro game I scored 12. I don’t really have a benchmark, so please post your high scores in Pro Mode of Chick Chick Boom.

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