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A good friend of mine, Neal Campbell, producer of GeekBrief.TV recently asked me, “I know what you do, but what….do you do?” Most of you know me as Dave Kaufman, creator of Techlife. Let’s go behind the curtain in this multi-part column and I will give you a bit more about what I do. Today we cover design and branding.

Cue the time machine as the question above was not the start of our conversation. It all started when Neal asked if I could review a new site that was part of the GeekBrief.TV family, Dear Cali, a Tech Answers and Advice blog by Cali Lewis host of GeekBrief.TV. I get asked this all the time in Techlife. Now by review, he meant provide him feedback, make suggestions, critique and generally give an impression of this new site, some companies call it beta testing too. I wrote Neal a nice email pointing out various small and large observations, suggestions and even a new business idea!

He was floored. He thanked me and mentioned how impressed he was with the detail of the feedback. I told him it was no problem I do this for a living, which led to the question above, I know what you do, but what….do you do? That sparked two ideas. The best way to tell someone how I can help their business is to show them. I decided to build a quick case study into the world of my consulting practice, dk worldwide, inc, using Neal and his email.

Dear Cali header - Original Beta

For Part 1 of Behind the Curtain, I decided to give Neal and the Techlife readers a visual example of what we can do for clients. One of my concerns with Dear Cali was the look of the site. I specifically mentioned the header graphic, with it’s hard to read font treatment, snapped with a cheap flash photo, and distracting red “beta”. Neal also admitted he didn’t like it and needed to do something else. A perfect dk worldwide opportunity.

At the top of the column is our design concept changing the look entirely. In this case we thought we could help solve their design problems and provide art direction and brand building. We put together a design concept for a new header that is more flattering to Cali and to the existing brand they have developed.

dk worldwide’s story: Identify GeekBrief.TV’s need. Design a concept to help the show producer visualize their brand in a new but cohesive atmosphere. That’s the life of a venture strategist, a consultant that approaches problems with a holistic approach involving business, design and technology as an interwoven triad that needs both a high level and detail view simultaneously.  Watch for additional Behind the Curtain columns discussing other aspects about what we do and how we do it.

Note: Neal if you go with this new look you will need a new blog template. For anyone else considering a blog for your business, organization, hobby or personal — email me at help [at] dkworldwide [dot] com and we can talk about some options that might suit your brand a bit more.

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