Techlife’s recent article about Digital Ethnography based on the video “Web 2.0 – The Machine is Us/ing Us” by Professor Michael Wesch has really blossomed garnering over 1.2 million views since our last article in February 2007, to total 2.2 million views and counting. The topic of information and the processing of it, certainly has become of interest to the readers of this column.

Recently the above video was sent to me by a loyal reader (Thanks Allan!) . Titled, “Did You Know; Shift Happens – Globalization; Information Age” this video by educator Karl Fisch, has had about 500,000 views so far. What do you think of it? I am really interested in reading your opinions of this video in comparison to the Web 2.0 video. I have reposted that video after the break. I am also interested in any personal stories with your feelings about globalization and the information waterfall we all encounter daily. Comment here. [youtube]6gmP4nk0EOE[/youtube]