Many experienced internet users have made the switch to Firefox, a web browser built by the Mozilla open source group. I know a lot Techlife readers are less likely to just switch from Internet Explorer or AOL’s web browser, because “Why switch, this is so easy and all my bookmarks/favorites are in Internet Explorer or AOL?” Today, I am asking to you think about switching.

While many sites tout the new features, extensions or the browsing speed of Firefox compared to other browsers, I have found the most compelling feature to date. Restore a previous session. This simple feature understands that brownouts, blackouts, kids, dogs, cats, husbands, wives and even your foot is often the culprit in your computer restarting. Here’s the genius part…

  1. You are surfing doing a big research project on your trip to London
  2. You have 5 to 15 windows open with flight times, hotels, car rentals, places to visit, even a make-your-own-map of your itinerary
  3. As you are dreaming about being knighted by the queen, your foot slips off the desk and hits the power button — restarting your computer
  4. Quick before you say “Oh, no!” which browser were you using?
  5. In Internet Explorer, I hope you took note of the sites you had open because all is lost otherwise
  6. In Firefox, the restore the previous session feature when you reboot allows you with a single push of the button get back ALL the pages you had open previously.

Even writing this column, I have 25 windows open at a time. Restoring them has never been easier and even makes me wish other times in life had a restore button. So yes…it has happened to me that the PC crashed or I shut down or restarted and this little feature makes it so much less scary than before. Give Firefox a try and let me know what your favorite feature or extension is in the comments.

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