Ewoks, Star Wars and George Lucas all made for TV?GeekBrief.tv just stunned me with this revelation, that George Lucas is making a new Star Wars movies, but this time for television! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Lucas made some lame Ewok movies. So bad they were, made for television only, with no theatricial release and apparently he wants to try that again. (I wonder if they will use this classic “worst trailer ever” styling.)

I did actually like the styling and story of the animated Clone Wars, but can live-action movies really work? As I write this I think with all the CGI characters these days it just might work. I remain on the fence, but of course will watch.
I am stunned Lucas would go this route. Are you? Comment here.

Original Geekbrief Source is /film – read the comments

Some other interesting reads on this: I watch stuff! , Sci-Fi says “It ain’t so!”

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