Joost is hot.

Techlife’s Original

Valleywag's Joost logo or Techlife's Logo

Valleywag’s timing is perfect

Ok, I know this is really not “my logo” it’s Joost’s logo. But this specific image I created for Techlife’s Joost articles. I spent the time to create it and thanks to the way Joost‘s site displays their logo in a flash animation it is pretty cool that both Nick Denton and I captured this logo at exactly the same moment.  After being alerted by readers about the logo capture similiarity, I originally claimed that Nick had swiped the image.  But after watching the multiple minute looping flash animation, I realize we both just have a great sense of timing.  Valleywag used it for their Joost finance post.

I have written about and participated in both Nick Douglas projects and Nick Denton projects as a good standing member of the community, hopefully they will consider this moving ahead. As we certainly have a matching eye and keen sense of timing, I would be happy to have Gawker hire me, as I do visual design for many of my clients. I could certainly create much more interesting imagery, if they so desire.

Thanks to a heads up from a few of you eagle eye readers on this.

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