I know Skye Boyes and his team at XGen Studios are hard at work on Stick Arena Ballistick.  But after reading this article on Microsoft taking a hard stance against hackers on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, I think Skye might devote some resources to the current generation of Stick Arena, a great game that people love to play.

I am a big fan and had been busy lately. I was looking forward to spending a break from reality in a quick multi-player browser game. Stick Arena is of course the best. I spent maybe all of 2 minutes in each arena, and constantly was dealing with hackers popping in and ruining my time. Eventually I just left, which is sad. We all want the next generation of gaming to get here soon from XGen, but not at the risk of losing gamers with the current product.

Skye and his team make their money from serving me ads, and I can tell you that I am less likely to sit and watch ads and play Stick Arena with the recent increase in hacking. It used to be tolerable, you report the hacker, leave the arena and move on to the next arena. Now the hackers seem to outnumber the non-hackers. Inmates running the asylum? I don’t think so. What do you think? Join the discussion.

Thanks to Engadget for making me aware of Microsoft’s stance.

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