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Techlife 1
It’s official, I just completed my first entire book via email, thanks to Daily Lit. Daily Lit is a favorite of Techlife, allowing readers to be sent small pieces of books via email on a schedule for free. We paused our novel when the workload got heavy and then resumed after sometime. It’s on to book two, which is only about 1/3 the size.

Daily Lit 1+

The day we finished our first book, the folks at Daily Lit also released a bunch of new features worth mentioning. Email length can be controlled to offer longer installments. The schedule can be a little less “daily”, with options for once a week. For our French and Italian readers new books are going up in these languages and a new RSS feed for “new books” is available.

They have released a few other features, such as subscribe via RSS instead of email and a “what I’m reading” tool, called a Book Roll. They also have added a variety of other written words, such as poetry and books released in the creative commons.

Finally don’t feel bad about stopping a book, or only having read a few so far. Albert who maintains the Daily Lit blog, has only completed 2 and is working on his third. Remember this is not about speed, but about enjoying stories that have shaped the world we live in and influence a lot of the other art, movies, television and video games we see today.