Google Docs and Spreadsheets new main interface

Techlife logged into Google Docs and found a brand new interface. We have been using online collaborative word processing and spreadsheets more and more with clients and among the staff, so this was a nice find.

Google Docs has changed a lot since we last wrote about them. But the recent few changes have really put some polish on these tools.

Two of the newest changes are:

  • Looking pretty – The entire document list has been given a complete visual overhaul – new icons, more content, and better organizational controls. We know users spend a lot of time here and we aim to make it feel more like home.
  • Getting organized – Almost from the day we launched people have been clamoring for folders. They’re here! Even cooler, our new folders continue to work like the tags they’ve replaced – your old tags are automatically converted to folders and documents can live in more than one folder at a time. Organizing your documents is as easy as dragging and dropping a document to a folder. We’ve also included special controls for seeing only those documents created by you or shared with a particular person.

I also like the “drag and drop” interface that we are already comfortable using in a desktop interface for managing the documents on the main page. Google has cleaned up the ease of using the site. The added some new search technology (wonder where they thought of that!)

Google Spreadsheets now with charts and graphs - Pie, Bar, Scatter and more

Previously the Google Docs team did added snazzy chart support in Spreadsheets. Check out the ease of creating and maintaining your pie, bar, scatter and more types of charts and graphs.

So Google Docs is “Getting Better All the Time” as The Beatles sang.

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