Bub Hub  Business Networking LogoToday BubHub comes out of stealth mode. Techlife readers may recall helping name the business networking group and things going quiet. BubHub springs from the end of inBubbleWrap, a site about business books and growing smarter in business. The leader inBubbleGuy, is stepping down from his post of writing a daily blog about the books and giving them away to readers.

Figures Education 3 by Sanja GjeneroDo you think your Business Networking could be better? BubHub aims to help make it better. I have kicked it off by getting BubHub set up as a Linked In group. (Linked In is a free online business service.) The group setting allows us to begin to network with a few nice bells and whistles. To join the group I need to invite you and for that we need an email address. Click here to fill out your email address to be invited. (If this does not work, add a comment to this post and we will use the email to invite you.) Both people who already have a Linked In account or are those new to Linked In are welcome to join the BubHub Group.

This is just the beginning of BubHub. Our members are some of the smartest, well-read people in business. We want your smarts to help make BubHub even better. Everyone has something unique to contribute, so please consider yourself for a leadership role. It is easy, just add a note to your email sign-up or comment here. We will contact you about joining the leadership team and making your contributions a part of the future of the group. If you just can’t wait, fill free to start commenting some of your ideas below.

This group was started by me, but it will succeed because of you.

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