LogoA new chapter begins, Techlife TV. Wait a sec, didn’t we just read about Techlife TV with the posts about Steve Jobs and SeaDragon and Star Wars Robot Chicken? Well kinda, sorta.

Here’s the back story. A few weeks ago we wrote about it was also featured in the syndicated column. No extra software downloads, tons of content, a great interface, the list goes on; what’s not to love?

We built Techlife TV and started selecting videos from the column and others we thought readers might enjoy. After our initial post, Taylor McKnight, must have been reading and brainstorming with Chirag Mehta because they contacted me and have asked me to program the new Techlife TV on’s Premium Channel page.

Taylor and I chatted for about an hour and a half about the future of where he sees it going and some suggestions I had for the business. I brought the 10,000 foot venture strategist view of the world to the discussion from past experience with clients. Taylor really appreciated hearing the ideas and I feel the excitement and savvy he showed will really help Chime take off.

I will be sure to post more about new features on but for now, see the link, under “Links” anytime you want your fix of great Techlife TV.

Is your existing business in need of a 10,000 or even just a 1,000 foot view? Are you struggling with a problem and wish you had an outside source that could listen, absorb and bounce back ideas? Contact Dave at help at dkworldwide dot com. Recently Dave has advised a political campaign and social action group, a charitable group and a few startups. Let his experience be your guide. It’s always nice having a venture strategist in your pocket.