Raise your hand if Stick Arena or Line Rider are were your favorite time wasters? A new game has taken center stage, Desktop Tower Defense.


It’s quite simple, yet grows in complexity. You are defending against invading circles each with special powers such as speed, morphing and spawning. The circles goal is to cross the desktop. Your goal: Stop them! The best thing about this game are all the variations and how easily no two games could be alike. In addition the author Paul Preece has added many various types of levels and challenges to the game. The game is often talked about online with bloggers providing strategy and even covering Desktop Tower Defense’s advertising partners. Get practicing now.

Desktop Tower Defense Gameboard by Paul Preece

Why the rush? Paul has teamed with Dave to create Casual Collective and they have something new up their sleeve. Just announced is their goal to have multi-player Desktop Tower Defense and other multi-player gaming. Register your username now.

Desktop Tower Defense Group ScoresDid you get the hang of the game? Join the Techlife readers in posting your score to our group scoreboard. Got a great strategy? Share it here. Link to your map and let us see how you arranged things.