Flashstar by Oliver Petry“Hey can I have a flash introduction on my site?” It is tough answer, but as a web developer who focuses on both marketing and technology, my answer is usually no. I am excited that people know what Flash is and one of its many possible uses, but cinematic introductions for a regular website don’t help most sites.

Flash focuses on interactivity, and engaging the user. Techlife has reviewed quite a few flash projects recently:

Vote 2 by Steve Woods

Which one did you like the best? Let us know in the comments.

Techlife TV has a great video interview with Hilman Curtis, a flash expert and author.  His newest book, “Creating short films for the web” should be read by anyone looking to be creative online. In the next few years I expect more and more flash projects to be built and used. But I am sure I missed some favorites, let me know which ones.