books, books by Sanja GjeneroTechlife always welcomes letters from our readers. As most readers know we run a consulting business, DK Worldwide, so we get lots of questions from business owners. Recently a potential client had this to say {excerpt}.

Dear Techlife,
I have a business where I publish writing and activities for professionals. I have been writing eBooks, and selling them with great success.

I have built up a mailing list and started to really see the future of my business. I have built my own website and self-publish my own books. I am not sure if I am doing everything the “best I can.” But I really am encouraged by the recent success and would like to see my business reach $XX,XXX by Christmas this year and $XXX,XXX by next year.

Do you think you can help me?
Writing for Pleasure (and now profit)

Dear Writing for Pleasure (and now profit),

Congratulations! Your success certainly has you excited. We got excited just reading about it. We really like working with clients who have goals. We often help them write them, so we are certainly thinking from the same place. I also read your email a few times and think that we can help you grow your business.

DK Worldwide provides clients business consulting focusing on marketing and technology. We leverage experience from Fortune 50 clients and apply it to smaller companies. Some of my comments stray away from the web, such as setting goals, making a plan, focusing on your “art direction” etc.

Growth Ideas. We have worked with an international education company and publisher. This company focused on teacher education (continuing education credits). They published AND provided classroom education. I have an idea for your business. Consider focusing on in-services, speaking, workshops. You sound like someone who would really enjoy and benefit from the exposure. It would help you stop selling just 1 eBook at a time and start selling 25, 50 or even 100 at a time. The educational publisher made a big business of selling speaking engagements. You get paid for speaking. A positive. You introduce your product line to a group of teachers. Another positive. You become even more of an expert. Another positive. You sell multiple copies of many different eBooks all in one day. Another positive. Plus it would certainly help you achieve your goals much more quickly.

Riveting your focus. Savvy entrepenuers often struggle as they grow, as you are doing right now. The issue of “DIY or For-Hire” is a big leap. As your business grows, the star power and brand equity of “YOU” should be your main focus. This means expanding your brand and your product line. YOU are the star, your technology and backend is just a function of getting work done. Having a staff behind you is key to your growth. Think of all the people that support Shania Twain. Your business is the same. She makes her money from two main areas, writing and recording music (new eBooks) and appearance fees (tours, speaking, signings, merchandise). As you grow letting go will let you focus on the areas you make a difference.

Spend money to make money. So far in your publishing career as noted above you were a DIY’er. Web sites, writing, page layouts, design, etc. But you have already noted some issues with this method: security, shopping carts, file formats, web hosting, mailing lists are starting to creak under the weight of your growing business and even beginning to limit your growth. As you noted it is time to think bigger.

I feel confident that I can help you grow your business and improve the backend operations, letting you focus on creating more product and increasing other areas of revenue such as speaking engagements as I have noted. I know you can’t do everything at once, and you have some certain areas of pain today.

If you like what you are reading and have a question let me know. If you are ready to get started, please let me know that as well.

Note: If you have a business that is looking to expand and requires a new look, a better back-end or just someone to bounce an idea against. Email me at: helpme {at} dkworldwide {dot} com.

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