Reading by Christine RondeauIt’s October and that comes with all the fun tricks and exciting treats. Techlife has a treat for all our readers, a little more on that later. Our first trick this month was our readers, they came out in force on the website for a few different articles. We decided to highlight our readers excitement for Fantasy Football and Multi-Player Desktop Tower Defense.

We encourage you to visit the site, as we also had our first video double feature this past month. Both videos will hit you, just in slightly different ways. We covered a really great letter we got about improving a website. We are also asking for your “Everyday Websites”.

(the lead-in for the October column)

So a trick and a treat. Who is said we didn’t have fun at Techlife? How many invites will we hand out?

(the closer for the October column)

(part of the syndicated print column’s writing process exposed to online readers)

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