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Taking good pictures is hard work. The best digital camera is still just a tool for capturing the world the way you see it. In my consulting firm we often work with client’s photos, and I can’t tell you how many times they send 100 or more photos and there isn’t a single good shot among them.

We often suggest a few various photography tips to taking better pictures, but the recent article from Tom Ang and Markus Urban titled, “Improve your Photos 60 seconds at a Time” is probably the perfect Techlife article for our readers and our clients. As the title suggests it is fast, easy reading that really hits home the point, we all can improve our photos. I knew a few of the many great things they covered, but they hit upon many more I didn’t know. They break down 6 lessons into small, easy to read 60 second chunks and of course have great example photos for each lesson. I liked the nice zoom tool they used for their photos.

Their lessons cover: Light Landscaping People Color Composition Being Ready

Mastering the Flash - from

As they are focused on more on taking great photos, I would add the simplest but most effective way to change a photo is to crop it. Today’s digital cameras take such high resolutions that cropping the photo will still end up providing a great image. Think about taking a bad shot and applying their rules during the crop. Simple tools like Picasa, free from Google, offer powerful, easy to use crop tools that let you preview what it might look like.

Tom and Markus have written a great lesson in photography basics and any person who owns a digital camera should read this article. Your relatives will thank you, because your photos will be interesting and fun.