nuart 3 by Slinkachu

In Techlife’s day job we advise clients to, “Get a fresh perspective, take a unique look at things.” Most of the time clients ask us for help in this effort. After all, it isn’t easy to achieve a fresh perspective, but when you do, LOOK OUT! because the effect can be startling and eye-opening.

nuart 7 by Slinkachu

We love that feeling. When the world turns over on itself. It is exciting to realize things can be different with just a shift in perspective.

Dear Son 1 by Slinkachu

For a few years, an artist in London, known as Slinkachu has been providing a fresh perspective on life, by placing his art all over the city without permission and then photographing it. Interesting you say, but how does that provide a fresh perspective? View the following pieces and then keep reading and see how your perspective changes.

Dear Son 1 by Slinkachu

Dear Son 2  by Slinkachu

Last Kiss 1  by Slinkachu

Last Kiss 2 by Slinkachu

Quiet Sunday 1 by Slinkachu

Quiet Sunday 2 by Slinkachu

Quiet Sunday 3 by Slinkachu

Urban Camping 1 by Slinkachu

Urban Camping 2 by Slinkachu

nuart 3 by Slinkachu

nuart 7 by Slinkachu

nuart 9 by Slinkachu

nuart  by Slinkachu

Did it change? How do you see the world now? Did it give you any ideas for seeing the world differently for your own life?

The full exhibit is online at Little People – a tiny street art project: Little hand painted people left in London to fend for themselves. We view this art as a form of Artistic Ethnographyunderstanding humans in their natural environment visually.

We also give Slinkachu’s Little People, two little thumbs up.

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