“Hello, I’m a Gphone.”

“Hi, I’m an iPhone.”

Tmobile G1 powered by Google's Android image

Tmobile G1 powered by Google

Will we start seeing these commercials soon?  With the release party of the Tmobile G1, an HTC phone (manufacturer), powered by Android (Google’s mobile OS) we just might.  The Google Phone is the direct competitor to the frenzy surrounding Apple’s iPhone.


The G1 is heavily subsidized at $179.99, and available today for pre-order on Tmobile’s site for existing customers.  (Apple’s least expensive iPhone is $199 today.)  The public release is October 22nd.

Techlife will be getting a G1.  Andy Rubin, got his start with Danger and the Sidekick, another Tmobile device recently purchased by Microsoft.  The similiar look and feel to the hardware is unmistakeable and the fact Tmobile is carrying the phone is a shrewd move as they might lose customers otherwise, and instead get “us” to upgrade.  It worked on this Sidekick user.

Eric from Google gives us an idea of how easy the phone is to use and how your data is safe.


Thanks to Gizmodo for the great live analysis.  Thanks to AndroidGuys for the link to the live feed.  Thanks to Lifehacker for some great Android information.

Techlife will be covering the G1 more as we get to try it out and use it day to day.  It is something these offices are eagerly awaiting. Something less covered but interesting to us is the Android and Google Docs interface.  Maybe some of our friends in the Google Docs group can shed some light on it.

Will you be upgrading to the G1? Let us know in the comments.

Google, HTC and Tmobile are all putting their best foot forward with the G1.  Here are the specs:

Size: 117 x 55 x 16 mm
Weight: 5.6 ounces
Included battery: 1150 mAh Lion
Talk time: 5 hours
Standby time: 130 hours
International phone: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz

-1GB Memory Card in device
-USB Data Cable
-Wired Stereo Headset


One-click Google Search
Real Web browsing capabilities
3G Network and Wi-Fi access


Touch screen
QWERTY keyboard

Easy Access to Google applications
3MP camera
Video playback
Music Player
Android Market
Customizable home screen

Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Caller ID
Conference Calling
Voicemail with message-waiting indicator
Feature Description
Touch Screen Instant access to key information with a touch of the finger—just touch and go
QWERTY keyboard The built-in familiar layout lets you type messages easily without searching for the letter you want
One-click Google Search* Quick and easy access to search the Internet in one click
Real Web browsing capabilities* View more pages and rich Web content, right on your phone
Easy access to Google applications* One-touch access to Google applications including maps, Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, and Google Talk
3G Network and Wi-Fi access High-speed 3G network connection** for surfing the Web or downloading information quickly and effortlessly—or seamlessly transition to open Wi-Fi networks
IM/Text/E-mail* All the ways you need to connect while you’re on the go
3.0 megapixel Camera Capture key moments in high-quality fashion wherever you are; never worry about blurry photos—auto-focus is built right in
Video playback Watch your favorite videos, even YouTube, just about anywhere
Music player and 1 GB memory card You’ll never be without your favorite tunes
Android Market* One-touch access to Android Market, where you can personalize your G1 with apps like games, social networking sites, and on-the-go shopping
Customizable Home Screen Drag and drop favorite applications, photos, or folders onto your home screen for quick access