Learning to count fail

Do clients want to fail?  Do you want to fail?  How bad is failure in today’s world?  

When we sit with clients we often share stories of success.  How a solution we implemented for a client led to an increase in sales or in another case our brainstorm led to a new product.  By using our broad base of design, technology, marketing and experience we provide clients valuable lessons in success.  You might say we traffic in success and our clients certainly appreciate it.

Three Dollar Fail

Of course there are some people in business and in life who don’t need or want any advice.  These true pioneers of life forge ahead and lead the way for the rest of us.  How does this business plan sound:

We plan on showcasing how badly people FAIL in life.  We expect our website visitors to create and submit all our content.  We expect people will come in droves.

That is exactly what happened for Fail Blog.  This website has dedicated itself to showcasing failure.  With labels applied to photos and video of “FAIL”, “EPIC FAIL”, “MASSIVE FAIL” and more this site has made a business out of celebrating small and large failures.  The typical reaction is more than just a smirk sometimes it is a true LOL.

Spoon Fail

In our daily lives we don’t often encourage failure, so to see a site like this succeed is a cosmic lesson in finding lemons and making lemonade.  The site’s vibrant community provides even more enjoyment with comments and jokes about each post.  

To ensure the site only showcase’s the best FAIL on the homepage, they have a voting area where all sorts of submissions can be graded on failure or success, or is that success or failure.  I am so confused!

Sneaky Restaurant Fail

As we continue to meet with business owners we certainly will share a new story with them, FAIL can be success too!

What’s your best failure story?  Share it with us in the comments.

All images courtesy of failblog.org.