Sock Puppet

The economy’s situation is certainly gloom to some.  Just today I got a death rattle email from a local business.  As the owner of a few businesses in my career, the end of one has always brought the feeling of the phoenix, rising from the ashes.  I am usually inspired to ride the next boom.  Of course before you reach the final hours, there are many things you can do to change the situation and turn it around.

Probably the scariest thing we see with clients is the failure to recognize change opportunities in their own business.  The old axiom, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it is just that, old and with a little deep thought, self-perpetuating.  Many people look for a silver bullet, but the truth is, small changes to a process or a marketing tweak often result in incremental improvements and end up much more cost effective.

Chrome accents set your product apart.

It is often hardest to see change from the inside.  When we work with clients we help to implement a change plan to identify opportunties and then act on them.  As you begin to consider your changes and consider the gloom if you just keep on keeping on.  We bring you four excellent reviews of the past, to learn from.

Memorable Companies That Have Vanished – A visual slide show of 25 companies who were once well known and didn’t adapt.  The blurbs are well written such as:

It’s hard to believe these days, but at one time Burger Chef was the number two fast-food burger chain in the U.S., second only to McDonald’s.

Retail Stores Closing Their Doors – From some stores to all stores, retail is cut-throat.  Be aggressive or close your doors.

Fastest Dying Industries – Considering taking that early severance and starting up a new venture, stay away from these areas unless you are a maverick. 

Screaming Yellow Zonkers, tweak popcorn, and a new industry is born.

Top 25 Things We Wish Would Make a Comeback – Take heed business owners, this list is the list of tweaks, change and boldy stepping away from “safe.”  It’s the list your mother warned you about, and the list Techlife readers love. 

Our recent article Fail = Success, was just that.  We have had quite a few business owners ask about turning their business on its head.  Keep exploring, forget the voice of gloom and be like Apple’s founder Steve Jobs when releasing a new product, make your company go BOOM!