Ever wanted to draw that perfect circle?  Or maybe make hot ice?  Head over to Techlife’s new favorite time sink edu-site, WonderHowTo.com a site with over 230,000 videos and articles organized by category (as of December 2009.)

WonderHowTo.com has both human and algorithmic judging to determine a video or article”s true educational nature.  Their community of users is always submitting and organizing new how to videos and how to articles.  This increases the chance this do-it-yourself content will be useful.  They also let other users rate content on an A, B, C scale so you quickly know how well a video or article actually instructs.

In their FAQ they even explain this is not a sales site, and videos from infomercials or clips from how to DVDs are not allowed.  This helps keep the content spot-on.  Their categories are quite varied and include something for everyone.  (Categories listed below).

In addition, they have a Wonderment category, which is a great trove of interesting content not all of it How-To, with provactive titles such as: Eat Your Wedding Dress, Tree in a Jar and Learn the Na’vi Language of Avatar.

Ever wanted some bar tricks to win free drinks here are a few choice options: Move a Trapped Dollar under a Bottle, Big Coin through a Small Hole, and our favorite Make a Fork and Spoon Defy Gravity.

They even have a series of videos from Michael Jordan on various instructional aspects of playing basketball.  Ever wonder How to do the Crossover by Michael Jordan.  Now you know.

What is your favorite How to video or article?  Post it in the comments.

WonderHowTo.com’s Categories