Do you like fairy tales? This one has explosions, wizards and two arch enemies.  While there are no princesses or frogs there is a columnist and a few game developers and most of all a happy ending.

Once upon a time, back in 2007, a lowly columnist was penning his latest April Techlife column titled, “chick chick BOOM – Baby Chick gaming warfare at its best“. The article spoke of a mysterious, fun game for the web browser. Then all of a sudden this highly addicting game vanished. Our lowly columnist was asked about this and in February of 2009 made a bold prediction, “…maybe they will release it one day as WiiWare for the Wii.”

As if this voice was heard whispering on the wind, a return voice whispered from Frankfurt, Germany where the game developer “tons of bitscame out from the shroud of silence to tell their tale of the resurrection of chick chick BOOM in multi-player for Wii Ware.

Techlife: How did the original chick chick BOOM get started?

Tons of Bits: Before chick chick BOOM we had developed another flash game called Mission in Snowdriftland, which had a great impact and positive response by the players. Mission in Snowdriftland was created as an advent calendar with 24 jump ‘n’ run levels for christmas. The idea of making a game for Easter was an obvious next step. chick chick BOOM was born.

TL: Sounds like it was hatched. How long did it take to plan and implement?

TOB: The whole project was realized in a pretty short time for a game of this complexity. From scratch to release it took approx. 8 weeks.

TL: What was your measure of success?

TOB: The constant positive feedback from the community. In the form of comments on the web but also as direct e-mails; or for instance fans writing a detailed article in Wikipedia.

TL: Why did it disappear?

TOB: It was planned as a limited easter event. We thought it wouldn’t feel right outside of this seasonal context if we would have kept it online.

TL: Is the new chick chick BOOM the same game?

TOB: The new chick chick BOOM has been completely redesigned and improved. The core idea “two chick teams fight each other in a whacky way” is the same, but the presentation and the game mechanics have been completely changed. The focus was on optimizing the game for the Wii, especially on the feature of simultaneous use of the Wii remotes for the multiplayer mode.

TL: What are the coolest new features?

TOB: There are 5 big improvements in the new chick chick BOOM:
1. Defense
A completely revised feature is how you defend your chicks. In the original chick chick BOOM you had defending gestures, now you defend by drawing a line into the arena. For instance, a falling weight can be blocked by drawing a horizontal line. If the weight collides with the line, it’s blocked and your chicks are safe. Another example is to block the bomb explosion with your line. You can use the line drawing feature also to sabotage the opponent’s line. Moreover, your chicks will collide with the line too, so this way you can keep them away from dangerous areas.

2. Attack Upgrades
For each attack you can activate one of two unique upgrades. For instance, you can upgrade your weight attack to a Sumo Chick, which not only looks extremely funny, but also will jump twice on enemy chicks.

3. Corncobman and Piñata

Two interesting elements have been added to the game: Corncobman and the Piñata. Corncobman appears from time to time behind the fence. The players can shoot his kernels off, which add health when collected by the chicks. The Piñata contains bonuses. You can shoot on it to pull it on the own side, when it falls on the ground it gets activated and you receive a bonus. The opponent can also shoot on Corncobman and the Piñata, so an additional fight for kernels and bonuses arise.

4. Multiplayer
Also a big improvement is the multiplayer option. You can play any combination of 2-4 players. There is also a coop mode available where 2 players can share one side. One is attacking, the other is defending, and both shooting at Corncobman and the Piñata. It is a highlight of the new versions when four people shoot at them simultaneously.

5. New arenas and unlockable teams hats
There are 3 different arenas available now: City, Ship, Haunted Wood – each with its own special attack (UFO, Sea Monster, Ghost).
Players can choose from 15 funny teams, 5 available by default and 10 more to unlock by specific actions/achievements.

TL: What’s the best part of the new game?

TOB: We made each new part of the game to be special. Though the multiplayer part of chick chick BOOM is a big strength with all possible variations from 2-4 players (e.g. coop, versus, 2 vs 1 etc). Of course when you are alone you can play also against the CPU.

TL: Why the hiatus for all these years?

TOB: A difficult part  of development is how to acquire the money for the project. We 100% self-financed this game. This way we stayed independent and were able to fine-tune the game to the point where we feel 100% satisfied, but on the other side it doubled the duration of the project.

TL: Do you have plans for any more chick chick BOOM adventures?

TOB: Certainly! The characters are sweet and have lot of potential to be put in lot of different settings. We have no concrete project started yet, but we are starting  to plan. It defnitely depends on the feedback of the players.

TL:  Any other platforms coming out?

TOB: No plans currently. chick chick BOOM wouldn’t work on other platforms with the same functions for two reasons. First, drawing lines and tracing the attack shapes works only with a pointing devices like the Wii Remote. Second, only the Wii has the capability of using four pointing devices simultaneously.

TL:  Why the name?

TOB: tick…tick…BOOM + chicks -> any bells ringing?!

The story continues…

As the sun rises, a new day dawns upon the world. Our lowly columnist enjoyed chick chick BOOM, the web version,  and is looking to be reunited with his long-lost team of chicks to fight evil wherever it may be found.