Critically speaking, there are few ways people name companies and products; literally, descriptively and memorily. Ok I wanted you to remember the last one. By memorily I of course mean distinctively. On the internet these days all three kinds abound from to YouTube to Hulu.  Each does video on demand albeit in various ways but their names each speak to a different way we interpret them.

Which bring us to a site that wears a name so bold it could be the considered the only site you would ever need, at least that’s their hope at Find The Best.  According to them:

FindTheBest is an objective comparison engine that allows you to find a topic, compare your options and decide what’s best for you.

Maybe they could start with finding the best description of their site.  Techlife’s view is:

FindTheBest is a mashup between search, Wikipedia, and data sets organized in a sortable spreadsheet, with the added of twist of a do-it-yourself sheet too.

Of course as with most things the easiest way to understand is simply to experience.  Find it Best in a bit of confusion, calls each of their data sets an app. For example with the NFL heating up a good example is the National Football League Franchises App, letting user sort by 14 different criteria for 85 different active and inactive teams.

The football information is easily sortable with sliders and column headers, but nothing you couldn’t find elsewhere.  So let’s turn to a more human question; What’s are some 8 person or more board games? Using the Board Games App I grabbed the “Players” slider and moved the left side to “8” and it filtered it so I could see the 21 games out of 245 in the dataset. Easy.
Of course data sets that are hand created can be confusing too.  Techlife found a Fish Mercury app that had over 1,000 species of fish and more than 37,525 matches. It gave a 5 star health rating along with the name, state, county and waterbody of each fish along with the mercury concentration.  I’m happy to see that 19,642 fish got a 5 star rating. This seems like great information but then there was a second mercury data app which dealt with Mercury in Commercial Fish. This data set had just 66 fish listed, but it did cite the source for the mercury readings which was helpful.  There was no clear correlation among these two data sets, again as will happen with user generated content.
Here are some other common and not so common apps:
Highest Grossing Movies – interesting to see adjusted gross for top 100
Nobel Prize Winners – youngest winner was just 25 years old
Luxury Resorts – For just $1,457 per night at the standard room rate stay at the Burj al Arab
Comets and Asteroids – of the near 500K items tracked, nearly 1100 are classified as potentially hazardous!
and of course we end with our headline…
Paradoxes – filter by the subcategory of self-reference for some gems.

Improving knowledge, tracking something important or something less important, despite the name paradox Find the Best is a great resource for anyone who wants some easy to sort databases.  Send us a link to your latest data set.