Friends of Line Rider

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Imagine gripping your handlebars tight, gunning the engine, shifting your weight while hanging on during a forward full flip of you and your motor bike all from the comfort and safety of your mobile.


Turning back the clock to your earliest days with a Nintendo Entertainment System you may recall the classic Excitebike and exclaim, except for the flips you remember that game. Then long time fans of Techlife may recall the physics based builder Line Rider where you guide a rider and sled over a hand drawn course. It wasn’t a game as much as a chance to build your own track.

Then we have our faithful readers, you lovers of the mash-up bring us a motorbike-riding physics-based simple-line-track with user created levels and multi-player cross-platform experience. (Let’s let the rider race over the hyphens in that last sentence). How does it work? Addictivley well.

How to Play Bike Race

Visit your favorite app store and download Bike Race. Level 1 is a simple tutorial which explains the right side of the screen is “go” and the left side of the screen is “stop”. The game forgoes actual visible control elements but you shouldn’t need them. The game uses the accelerometer. Tilting left while on the ground pops the bike into a wheelie. Tilting left while in the air the rider and bike perform a backflip and tilting forward does a front flip.

You progress through each level as a time trial. Complete the level more quickly to earn the maximum three stars. Just after starting I got an invite from the loyal reader to play them in a multi-player match. Multi-player is a turn-based style game awarding you a win if you beat your opponent in head to head match of a single race. While you wait for them to race you can race other people or continue the single player racing.

Like Line Rider and the grand daddy Excitebike, Bike Race offers a track creator for those who want to build their own. Bike Race will take care of sharing them in the game and let others play your levels too. It gets addicting quickly so be careful that you have a few hours to kill before you try and build your masterpiece.

Thanks as always to the greatest readers for finding some real amazing things. We had quite a little struggle this month as reader suggestions came pouring in and made the job of curating just one a tough chore. Send those small ideas, fun things, and creativity to techlife at dkworldwide dot com.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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Line RiderA winter wind whips a lone rider on his trusty sled. With only a small hat and a candy cane scarf his entire existence is to ride the line. Can he keep it up? Will he make it? Only you will determine it. Only you can make the flight of the Line Rider.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s been a while since Techlife has brought us another in the series of Friends of Line Rider. Can you tell we missed the little guy? Today we find ourselves enjoying Line Rider Zada v1.3.

A modded Line Rider version with everything that is missing in the first Line Rider. Use the eraser, speedups and zoom for a better Line Rider experience.that is Zada!

Line Rider Zada is really quite the fun afternoon and perfect for adults and kids alike.

Line Rider Zada v1.3

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Line RiderA big shout out to Nintendo Wii Fan Boy for their post on probably one of the greatest mashups ever. Friends of Line Rider, a series of Line Rider news and variations on the original that Techlife has been publishing since last year is happy to see an instant classic mashed up with a veteran classic.

YouTube Preview Image

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Stunt Bike Draw

As Friends of Line Rider continues here at Techlife,  we bring you another  in the series: Stunt Bike Draw.  This game starts off pretty easy but gets more and more complex.  It reminds me a lot of  Snow Line,  as it is  very much a puzzle game with objectives for getting your Stunt Bike Rider to  jump  and land.  To bad they didn’t up the ante and get Evel Knievel’s permission.  Now that would have been cool.  What do you think of this game?

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Line RiderWell it happened…Line Rider has gone corporate.  From the official site…

Line Rider was originally created by Boštjan Cadež, a Slovenian university student, in September of 2006. It almost immediately gathered a cult following and became the seventh quickest gaining keyword in Google. Since that time, the ‘toy’ has generated over 16 million views. Fans quickly noticed that they could create tracks, set them to music, and share them over Currently, there are over 11,000 shared videos with many more to come. inXile Entertainment is extremely excited to work with Boštjan in order to reach the full potential that we feel the Line Rider application can live up to.

Seen over at the new Official Line Rider site.  It appears they are going to create a Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii Line Rider game…coming sometime in 2007.  In the meantime, check out the new Beta 2 they have up.  I think this video is from Beta 1, but the inXile folks liked it.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Brian over at Fairly Useless, who has been commenting on Techlife, for the original link to Beta 2.

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Line RiderWell…Santa Claus is done with presents for 2006.  But no rest for the weary, he’s right back to collecting presents for 2007.  You didn’t get a Wii or  Playstation 3?  Or even an X-box 360?  Never fear, Santa’s got your back.  If you could just lend him a hand.

YouTube Preview Image

Snow Line, another in our Friends of Line Rider series is a game built on the Line Rider engine.  If you liked Lemmings (bonus browser friendly game!) and Line Rider then you will like this puzzle based game.  I got to level 5 before I realized I needed to get this column written.  How far did you get?

Miniclip Games - Snow Line Snow Line Help Santa Claus collect the presents.
Play this free game now!!

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Line Rider

Ski BattleTechLife could not resist adding to the Friends of Line Rider series, with this holiday installment.  Warm up some hot chocolate and get  in the holiday spirit.  Ski Battle takes place in a winter wonderland, complete with snowmen, reindeer, ski lodges, and even holiday music.  It also expands on the classic Line Rider palatte with a color palette.

Our friend Joanne at Rocketboom is really into Line Rider and pointed us to this link.

Watch her in Line Rider.  Thanks Rocketboom.


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Line RiderI know we are in the middle of a series of How to’s for installing True Combat: Elite, but everyone needs a break from the hard work of installing one game, so they might play simple time wasting games.  Don’t say you weren’t warned, this is the first in TechLife’s series of “Friends of Line Rider”.

Line Rider is the original.  What is it?  A simple Flash game (works in any browser with Flash) that let’s you create a track for your rider.  You draw a line, and let gravity take over. Of course just like any addiction, some people have created some great Line Rider creations.   Get inspired with the video below of a great ride.  What can you create?  Let us know.

YouTube Preview Image


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