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Content Consumption
Are you interested in the Japanese toilet craze? Yes, really there is a craze. Today’s digital universe has created global interest in reading and following the developments the Japanese have regarding their bathroom experiences.

Keep your iPod toasty.

Do you sell iPod socks? Yes that’s right, socks. The digital storefront has allowed the smallest micro-entrepreneur to launch a line of iPod Socks, basically a hand knit iPod case.

Katrina blogged down.

Do you know someone uprooted by Hurricane Katrina? Okay maybe not. The uprooting of life, by powerful forces of nature is seemingly more commonplace. You are likely to know someone displaced by a job, family or schooling. Interestingly, staying in touch has never been easier.


Do you like to comment on the local, state, national or worldwide politics? Before you say no, ever thought about how high your taxes are? Commentary on politics has always been reserved for those that have an own audience; the digital universe has made the audience one click away.

So what do these four seemingly unconnected topics have in common? They are all Blogs.

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