Time for Robin to get his own Sidekick.   A Superhero with his Sidekick.

Wielding Massive Power 

Batman has Robin. The Lone Ranger has Tonto.  Who’s your sidekick? I know, I can already hear the arguments, ‘Superman doesn’t have a sidekick and he’s the most powerful Superhero of all.’  My retort, ‘Are you sure?’  When Lex Luthor or The Joker plan diabolical schemes to thwart our Super Friends, one of the first places all of these super smart defenders of justice turn is their computer.

How many times has Batman exclaimed, “Robin, to the Bat Computer!”?  While recent feature films have updated this notion, almost all Superheroes have very powerful technology research tools.  These marvels are often small, concealable and now within our reach.  Meet your Sidekick.

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