Dwight “The Elf” Schrute

One of TechLife’s loyal readers is my uncle on my dad’s side.  Every year he and my aunt have a holiday party at their home. I’m sure all the readers have the same party they probably attend.  You are instructed to bring a gift no more than $15 (your limit may vary), which you then likely put in a big pile and some game is played where you end up with a set of matching dog sweaters, and of course you don’t own a dog.

Maybe Dwight could moonlight as an Elf model?

Of course the other option is “Secret Santa” a common office game, as overly dramatized on NBC’s Emmy Winner, “The Office”.   One thing the first few seconds of the episode highlight is the organization of “The Elf”, a key ingredient to running the best gift exchange.  Of course Dwight, as usual takes it over board, but hopefully you can learn from his blunders.  Read on, TechLifers the fun awaits, we are going transform you into TechElfs.  And ask you to join a TechLife experiment!